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A Dedication to the Faith

1 Timothy 4:6-16

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country 103.7 FM just after 8am. Do you have a strategy for living your life as a Christian? Paul gives Timothy a strategy for personal growth and dealing with the ungodly among and around him, and the believers of that day. Last week we looked at Paul’s warning about how in these last days some will depart from the faith. Today we are studying how all true Christians display a:

I. A DEDICATION TO THE FAITH. Look at v. 4. Everything created by God is good! That statement requires no further commentary! The “nothing”- “is to be rejected” would include sound Biblical doctrine and the teaching of sound Biblical doctrine. A truly saved heart would never think of departing the faith by rejecting sound Biblical doctrine; but make every effort to be as dedicated to it as is humanly possible! Nothing, would also include prayer. A true Christian looks forward to their time in the Word and prayer time with God! Daily QT listening to God speak is life, health, riches, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, security, and a treasure trove of jewels from God our Heavenly Father. Prayer is the breath of life from a Christian to The God Who called and redeemed and is now sanctifying for His own use. True Christians do pray without ceasing! Paul continues describing dedication to the faith in v. 6-11 telling Timothy how to be a Good servant of Jesus Christ, then in 12 -16 he tells Timothy how to guard his service to Christ. Listen, listen carefully! If you preach the truth but don’t display that same truth in your daily life, you are a hypocrite like the P/S’s. If you live without practicing Biblical truth, you are a heretic like the false teachers we see here. Now watch as Paul teaches Timothy how to be dedicated to the faith. 1st he must be
II. A GOOD SERVANT OF JESUS CHRIST. Notice 1st a good servant is Properly Trained – v.6 7. A man called by God into pastoral ministry must be properly trained. An overseer must have a heart – on his own – to study diligently, continuously to learn the deep, rich truths of Scripture. In v. 7 Paul’s point is sound, Biblical training is necessary to recognize and reject profane (unbiblical, ungodly) heresy. A good servant must also display Persistent Tenacity! V. 8 – 11. Godliness or Christ-likeness is what Solomon tells us to search for as we would silver, gold, or precious stones; Prov. 1, 2 are entire chapters dedicated to be-coming like Christ. In Ps. 119 David says he meditated on God’s laws continually; In Ps. 1 he tells us the man of God meditates on God’s word day and night. The point here is that as a minister of the Gospel, Timothy, and all true men of God who are called to be pastors must fearlessly, faithfully, and continuously preach the truth of Scripture-nothing else! Lest you think you are off the hook here because you are not a pastor, look back across the page to 3:14-16. Every Christian is held accountable for “putting the truth of Scripture” before all people around them to draw others to Christ for salvation. So how are you doing in your own personal presentation of the truth of Scripture in your daily life? I said earlier this is a conditional statement. If Timothy consistently and continually presents the truth of Scripture to all around him, “then” and only then, is he considered a good servant of Christ! Once a person has committed to becoming a good servant of Christ, he recognizes the high calling of God into ministry and he makes every effort to:
III. GUARD HIS SERVICE TO CHRIST V. 12-16. So how does an overseer guard his service to Christ? In v. 12 learn an overseer is to be a pattern. The word Paul uses here is the same word Christ used when He told His disciples “For I have given you an example, that you should also do just as I have done.” V. 13 explains how an overseer is to be a pattern for others when he is told to be persistent. An overseer is able to teach because his determination, and dedication to being a student of the Word has developed the man so he must teach what he has learned. In order to stay focused on his ministry an overseer must be perceptive in his service to Christ. Look in v. 14. God expects His overseers to always be growing and learning; we see that in v. 15 when Paul tells Timothy he must be progressive. There is nothing in Scripture that ever hints at the idea a Christian, overseer or not, is exempt from progression toward maturity. Paul tells Timothy to immerse himself in his Christian growth so others can see his progress. An overseer is also to be protective! See v. 16. True overseers will fight to the death for sound Biblical doctrine! Why? Because as Paul told the Galatians, any other doctrine/gospel is no doctrine or gospel. It is blasphemy and heresy that leads people into hell.
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