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What Angels Do

Psalm 103:20-22

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country 103.7 FM just after 8am. Last week we talked about the character and classes of angels. We learned that all angels were created as sinless, holy beings with superhuman strength and intelligence. This week we are studying some of the specific ministries of angels. First let’s look at: I’m still using the outline from one write because he presents this study of angels in a clearly understandable fashion:

  1. THE COMMISSION OF ANGELS. One of the many activities of angels is revelation of God’s concern for Man. The angels and Man are different from all other elements of everything God created; in that they are the only moral and highly intelligent beings. Both Man and angels were created, not evolved to be, highly intelligent. We know Man was, because Adam gave names to all the animals. Though he and Eve did not understand all the consequences of sin, both of them knew their disobedience resulted in fearful consequences that caused them to fear God so much they tried to hide from Him. Our morality and intelligence are about the only things we have in common with the angels. From there on the revelations are significantly different. Another part of the commission of the angels is to impress upon us reverence, or a respect for the truth that the unseen world of spirits is real. Read Heb. 12:18-24. The festive gathering is not named here, but you and I will be there with those innumerable angels. If you’re looking for social status as a Christian – just be patient! The angels have been commissioned by God to be role models for Christians. We have read many Scriptures that make it clear the angels do only what God wants done, when He wants it done, and exactly the way God wants it done! Some of the angels are also commissioned as representatives of God in the affairs of creation. Some have the privilege of delivering good news with great joy, as recorded in Luke 1. Then there was the angel who met with Philip and told him to go to Gaza. There are those angels who have been sent by God to patrol the earth and war against demonic forces. The references I’ve given you and Zachariah 1 and Revelation 12 are examples. In his 1st letter to the Thessalonians Paul said that an archangel would announce the return of Christ. Let’s consider:
  2. OUR CONNECTION TO THE ANGELS. The Scriptures make it clear that there is a relationship or an association between us and the angels. Read Heb. 12:1, 2. Those witnesses are not only people around us, they are the angels in heaven who see and watch us. It is ludicrous to believe the angels can’t see us because we can’t see them. Now Read Heb. 13:1, 2. Someone will say all that’s never happened! I question to them is – how do you know? Angels are part of our daily living! Scripture teaches us to be alert and aware of the presence of angels because angels can deceive people. After remember the demons are fallen angels. We read in 2 Cor. 11:14 that even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 1 Peter 5:8 reminds us our adversary the devil walks around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. When the angels of heaven are sent by God to interact with us, they cannot deceive or mislead us. One sure way to know if you are being misled is to consider what has been put into your mind, and examine it very closely. If any part of it at any time contradicts, or is inconsistent with God, His Word, His nature, or His character, then it is from hell and you can ignore it! In our connection to the angels, they are NOT to be: worshiped, prayed to, or sought. Paul says that in those words to the Colossians. One of the angels who spoke to John while giving him the book of the Revelation, specifically told John not to worship him. So the question is: do you want to find God, as much as He wants you to find Him? Even as His redeemed children, we are to seek Him with our whole heart, mind, and soul in gratitude for our salvation.

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