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What Being Born Again Looks Like (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the previous message. The notes are the same.

1 John 3:4-10

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country 103.7 FM just after 8am. We have studied an introduction to the doctrine of regeneration. You remember one writer defines regeneration as = a secret act of God in which He imparts or freely gives new spiritual life to us. God tells us many times throughout the NT that we have new spiritual life in Christ, and it is designed to reveal itself in our changed lives. Our focal passage in Acts 16 teaches that one result of regeneration is that it opens our hearts to respond to Scripture. I want to share with you this morning 3 truths that teach us how God has designed this important doctrine as a deeply personal and intimate proofs that our own salvation is real – and also how it is a public invitation to others to come to Christ. The 1st truth is that regeneration:

  1. PROHIBITS US FROM LIVING IN CONTINUAL SIN. Read 1 John 3:4-11. John is teaching us that regeneration causes us to live in accordance with God’s law. The first word in verse 4 is the most important! John is making it very clear here there is no person, no group so elite they are above God’s laws. John says everyone – there are no exceptions. Look back up at 3:29. The emphasis is on “everyone who practices righteousness has been born of Him.” The contrast being made here is between the life, and lifestyle of the true Christian, and the life, and lifestyle of the ungodly and unsaved. The point is this: the unsaved and ungodly person who practices sin does so willingly and habitually. No Christian will ever live a sinless life this side of heaven. That is not John’s point. We will all continue to sin until the Lord comes to take us out of this sin infected world. The truly regenerated heart knows when it has sinned, and it is immediately broken and grieved by it; a truly regenerated heart also immediately goes to the Lord in prayer asking forgiveness and greater effort in expelling it from daily life. Regeneration also:
  2. PROMOTES LIVING IN CONTINUAL SUBMISSION. Read 1 Jn. 5:1-5. Here John is teaching us that regeneration causes us to love in accordance with God’s law. Now he is talking about the inward man, or how regeneration affects the soul. Notice v. 3. This is where John points out one of the radical changes true regeneration, or spiritual life, brings about in a person’s life. He makes a statement “God’s commandments are not burdensome.” God’s commands do not oppress or grind or crush one into the ground. When John tells us God’s laws are not burdensome, he is simply repeating what Jesus told the people in the Sermon on the Mount. Now, look at v. 4 where John teaches us why true Christians find it easy to obey God’s commands. Believers are given power from God to obey His commandments. I’ve given you several verses on your outline that you can read that verify that truth. Go to 4: read 1 – 6. The concept that John is teaching here is that regeneration or new spiritual life brings with it the power of God that gives us the ability, and the desire, and putting forth continual effort to overcome the temptation, pressure, influence, and seduction of all that is ungodly – or what is commonly referred to in Scripture as the world! So here we learn that regeneration – in simple terms – means true Christians not only love keeping God’s commands, they find it both doable and delightful. This mysterious doctrine of regeneration also:
  • PROVIDES LIVING IN CONTINUAL SHELTER! Read 1 John 5:18. Notice how John continually returns to the truth that regeneration causes one to abandon sin and sinfulness as a continuing way of life. One writer says it this way, “John is affirming, new conduct should follow from new birth.” Regeneration brings with it divine protection that we don’t realize is there. This doctrine of regeneration is one of the most amazing and all of Scripture. It brings us from spiritual death to spiritual life that is generated by the Holy Spirit Who lives within us. I think it would be totally improper to wait till we get to heaven to praise and thank Him. We should be doing that all day every day of our lives.

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