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The Victorious Christ

John 19:28-30

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country  103.7 FM just after 8am. Today we are recognizing and celebrating the literal, physical, bodily resurrection of Christ from the dead. But here’s a truth you need to understand – the resurrection is not what made Christ victorious. The resurrection is visible, physical proof that God approved and accepted the entire earthly ministry of Christ – and especially His sacrificial death on the cross – as payment in full satisfying completely the sin-debt of the entire human race. If Christ was not victorious over sin and death – there would be no resurrection because there would have been no victory! But Christ was victorious – and for the last 2000 years the empty tomb has declared to all creation that He is not here – He is risen– now and forever! Let’s consider 3 broad aspects of Christ’s earthly ministry that He finished perfectly:

  1. THE WORK HIS FATHER GAVE HIM! Read John 17:4. Let’s begin by noticing Jesus tells us His Father gave Him work to do. Nowhere does Scripture ever teach us God The Father ever demanded or forced God The Son to do anything whether in heaven or on earth! The Father did not force or demand His Son to have any part in the plan of redemption. Everything the Lord Jesus did to purchase your salvation – He did of His own free will, out of the desire of His own heart. That makes it grace!! There are 20+ definitions of the word give. Here is the 1st one – “to turn over the possession of or control of to someone without cost or exchange.” The concept of giving, as it is defined here, implies an offer not a demand. The concept of salvation/redemption originates in God’s grace! His grace is the only thing that “compels” Him to redeem us! If He were strictly a God of Law – He would be compelled by His own Law to condemn us to a Christless hell for eternity! So let’s look at how Jesus did the work His Father gave Him to do. The 1st thing Jesus accomplished on earth was to glorify The Father. See 13:31; 14:31.
    1. By the very fact that salvation is taught throughout Scripture. Beginning in Gen 3:15 and continuing throughout Scripture, into the book of the Revelation, we know that Christ accepted the work – and the resurrection is proof He completed all His Father gave Him to do! Aren’t you glad He did – and that the tomb is empty?
    2. He showed us how to live in obedience. Read John 5:19. From a Biblical perspective when we talk about obedience or being “like” God, or use the term godly or godliness, or even Christ likeness – we are talking about being like Them in our nature and character; in our spirit and our soul or the inner part of us – the real us! When we live in obedience to all God says we are also showing others it is very possible to do exactly what God wants us to do – the way He wants us to do it! When we live our lives in obedience to our Heavenly Father, He then draws others to us so we can tell them about Him! Christ also:
    3. Satisfied all the righteousness demanded by The Law. Read Rom. 5:12 – 21. The truth that Christ satisfied or fulfill all the righteousness demanded by the law means that He lived a perfect and sinless life here on earth. Finally, He had to:
    4. To submit Himself as the sacrificial lamb. Read John 1:29. We have an eternal hope that is secure for us in the righteousness of Christ because He was faithful and completed everything His Father gave Him to do. Aren’t you glad – it is finished!

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