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Living Like Christ (Part 1)

1 Peter 4:1-6

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country  103.7 FM just after 8am. One does not have to read or study very far into this powerful little book to realize one of Peter’s themes is “living the Christian life is not easy.” That thought does not bode well with many in this culture and society where ease and comfort in living are center stage in almost every aspect of American life. Peter gives 6 principles that remind us we are to imitate Christ in all parts of our life, all the time, not just the easy parts some of the time. We will look at 3 this week, and 3 next week. Notice 1st he tells us to be:

  1. THE RESOLVE TO SUFFER! 4:1. Have you settled in your mind, and more importantly in your heart, that as a true Christian you are willing to suffer for living a life and lifestyle dedicated entirely to Christ during your time here on earth now?  In the NT suffering can mean several different things. Most often, however, it refers to the physical agony of the process of death; whether by torture, games in the arena at the Coliseum, or the most heinous, which was crucifixion. Suffering can also mean the emotional agony of torment. In this particular instance Peter is telling us – since Christ suffered in both ways during His ministry here – we should also be prepared to suffer emotionally throughout our life; but we are to be equally prepared to die if God so permits! Therefore, our only resolved is to be willing to suffer the agony of emotional torment. A pretty small price to pay don’t you think?
  2. THE REASON TO SUFFER! V. 2 The phrase at the end of v. 1 “has ceased from sin” should not be taken to mean sinless perfection! It means that the person who understands that living a proper and a godly life will cause them emotional agony from time to time. Therefore, that person has forever stopped or ceased to be affected by the lustof – and attraction for the sinful addictions of this life. Why? True Christians desire from their heart more than anything to please their Savior by carrying out God’s will. And the reason we do what Peter’s telling us to hear in versus 1, 2 is because of what he told us back in 2:21. Now let’s notice
  3. THE RATIONAL FOR SANCTIFICATION! V. 3.  If we were writing this today we might say “time to move on.” Here’s what Peter is saying: now that you have come to Christ for salvation, the time for you live like the unsaved is over. Peter use of the word “time” in both verses 2 and 3 makes them vividly contrast with one another. It’s like he is saying, “you spent more than enough time living a life of the ungodly debauchery of the Gentiles. Now that you are a Christian, you have no time to waste living as you did before.

Oh beloved, if we could only understand that magnificent truth! From God’s viewpoint any time in sin is too much time! It makes no difference what your chronological age is when you come to the realization you need a Savior! From the second you are born again, you have so few days left to prepare for all eternity! Every moment we spend in the garbage of our life before our salvation is a moment wasted in glorifying God for redeeming us from an eternity in hell. May God grant that all of us choose to spend all our time left here living for and in the will of our great God!

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