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One Nation Under God?

1 Timothy 1:3-7

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country  103.7 FM just after 8am. For the last 238 years July 4th has been called Independence Day in America. To those who are willing to study all of American history it becomes obvious that our forefathers had a strong faith in God Almighty, and even lived and practiced that faith daily. They framed our Constitution so that all Americans could enjoy those in alienable rights with which they are endowed by their Creator. But it is true that America is a nation waning in the number of true Christians among her population. If one turns to the Scriptures is there any real, Biblical evidence that America is becoming, or has already become a Godless nation? Perhaps the better way to ask the question is: is America still a mono theistic nation or has she become polytheistic? Is America still one nation under one God or has she become a nation who worships many gods? Let’s consider some valid evidences that America has lost – or is at least losing – her moral purity as a nation!

  1. RAMPANT FREEDOM UNDER GRACE! Jude 3, 4; Rom. 6:1, 2. So how does rampant freedom under grace become an accepted way of life? One way is to remove absolute truth. In this way of thinking the only absolute truth is – there is no absolute truth! Watch – it’s very simple! If there is no absolute truth then anything and everything is permissible. Now rampant freedom can be claimed by everyone. So where does grace enter in? Grace is no longer the grace of God – but has been perverted and redefined as a grace, blessing, benevolence that removes absolute truth.  Another way to claim unrestricted freedom under grace is to redefine discipline, punishment, or consequences for an individual’s actions. By redefining those things God established as deterrents from sin as cruel, abuse, inhumane, or an infringement on civil rights the door is opened to unrestricted freedom.  Another evidence that we have lost moral purity as a nation is:
  2. REPUGNANCE TOWARD SUBMISSION! Jude 8-10; 2 Peter 2:9-15. One way people show their repugnance towards submission is by speaking evil of those in authority. It is yet another visible manifestation of the effect of sin. It is in fact rebellion against God and His position. Another evidence that we have lost moral purity is:
  3. REJECTION OF SPIRITUAL TRUTHS (which are beyond human reasoning)! Jude 8-10. Jude is an interesting and powerful little book. The main thought of the book is that true Christians must (and will) remain faithful to the truth of the inspired Word of God. The truth of the Word of God will cause true Christians to stand fast, or persevere, in spite of all the blasphemous attempts to lead them astray through the heresies of false teachers.  Another evidence that America has lost her moral purity is:
  4. REVOLT AGAINST MORAL PURITY! Jude 16; 1 Peter 2:13-17  June 16 teaches us what moral impurity looks like in a person’s life.  1 Peter 2:13 – 17 teaches us how to be morally pure. Moral purity is one of the byproducts of salvation and has to do with *holiness, righteousness, and justice. The way these 3 character qualities intertwined with one another is fascinating. Every true Christian is gifted with these three attributes of God as a result of their salvation.  Our culture and society today is opposed to moral purity, especially as it is defined and presented in the Scriptures. People are constantly complaining about what they affectionately refer to as “moral strictness.” Those who do not want to believe in, nor adhere to the Biblical principles and laws of God are the ones who cry the loudest and fight the hardest for what they have dubbed “ civil and social freedom.” Jude uses only 6 words to summarize, not just the rebellion against moral purity in America, but rebellion against moral purity in the human race since Eden – when he writes, “they follow their own evil desires.” Paul warns Colossians 2:8, “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.” Go to Titus 3:9, 10.  Where there is little or no concern or desire for true Biblical moral purity, those who would depart from sound doctrine to satisfy their itching years, develop new and more fashionable philosophies that contradict God’s word.  By the way, this kind of complaining against moral strictness and creating more fashionable philosophies is not something that happens exclusively in government or the unsaved world! It often happens in local churches that claim to follow and obey the word of God!

The ultimate freedom is the freedom to do right according to the Word of God. There are those who would say that’s an incorrect statement – they would say the ultimate freedom is to do what one wants to do.   Well then, let’s just put them both together and say the *ultimate freedom is the freedom to want to do what is right according to the Word of God!  I happen to believe there are still millions of people who are real, genuine, tried and tested, born-again Christians who love and walk with the Lord daily,  who are also real, genuine, tried and tested Americans!  I also believe there is still time for those millions of Christian Americans who are called by God’s name to humble themselves, and pray and seek God’s face, and who will continue to turn from their wicked ways so God will hear from heaven and forgive our sins and heal our land!  Like Israel, the more God blessed America the more arrogant she has become.

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