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Moses’s First Missionary Journey to Egypt (Part 2)

Exodus 3:7-12

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country  103.7 FM just after 8am. Two weeks ago we learned from this passage that God has a concern for his people and moves to deliver them. Today we are going to see how God’s concern is manifested in…

  1. GOD’S COMPASSION FOR HIS PEOPLE! There is no true student of The Word who can say from their heart, or disregard the reality of God’s compassion for all people – but especially for His own people! Someone has said of God’s compassion, His Word declares it – His deeds attest to it – and the cross demonstrates! Note that there are two distinct actions of God that reveal his compassion. The first is found in the statement, “I have come down.” Psalm 18 and Isaiah 64 are just two passages that vividly reveal to us what happens when God “comes down.” Whenever God deals with his people He always comes down to where they are to minister to them. The second distinct action that God takes is that that when God came down His purpose was to deliver Israel from bondage. One writer has said God will never leave His people where He finds them, nor as he finds them! The word “deliver” means to save or snatch away; the idea pertains to being safe from danger, and so began a more favorable circumstance. Which brings us to the question – is that how you see your salvation? We also learn that God views deliverance as complete or total! While it is true that Christians will live in the presence of evil and danger as long as they are in this world, it is also true that God protects us to a greater degree than we often know. Notice also that when God delivers he does so in abundance. He told Israel He would take them to a good and broad land flowing with milk and honey. That is interesting because the word “good” reflects the Person of God in His character. The goodness of God means that “God is the Final Standard of goodness, and all that God is and does is worthy of approval.” Let’s notice an important truth at this point: that statement of definition, and all statements like it are referred to as doctrinal theology which are the fundamental truths of Scripture upon which a Christian builds their life. However it must be kept in mind that what others see in us is practical theology which is the application of doctrinal theology to our daily lives. It is how we show others what we really believe. If you are walking daily with the Lord you understand how God’s concern for you has caused Him to demonstrate his compassion for you. It is God’s compassion at work in you that causes you to see those around you who are not yet God’s adopted children through His eyes, and with His heart to see them come to the point in their life where they understand their need for a Savior and ask Christ to deliver them from the bondage of sin. So the question is will you show to them the same compassion and concern God has shown to you?

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