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Applause Throughout the Galaxies (Part 2)

1 Peter 3:3 – 6

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country  103.7 FM just after 8am. Peter continues his council to godly wives. One reason there is so much instruction to husbands and wives is because when sin entered into the world, it exalted “self” so both men and women each desire to rule over the other. It destroys God’s ordained plan in creation, marriage, family, and the local church. Whether are not a person believes and accepts all that doesn’t change the fact and reality that it is God’s eternal truth by which all will be judged. Only a true man of God who walks intimately with the Lord every day truly understands in his heart the real value and worth of a godly wife. With that in mind let’s turn now to Peter’s further instructions to godly wives.

  1. A GODLY WIFE’S ADORNING! V. 3. Today the annual worldwide women’s cosmetic and beauty industry is over $160 billion. American women spend more on cosmetics and beauty than on education.  According to one survey a woman’s outward beauty is her primary asset to success. Outward beauty is still a major concern among Christian women today. Most women who call themselves Christians believe outward beauty is more important than inward spiritual beauty. In verse 3 of our text under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit Peter teaches us a godly wife’s true beauty is on the inside. Nowhere does Scripture ever condemn physical beauty, fashion, jewelry, or makeup. It condemns using those things as a source or method of being declared beautiful. Proverbs 31 says a woman who adorns herself with virtue or inner beauty has the price far above rubies she is not only valuable she is also beautiful the on description.
  2. A GODLY WIFE’S ANCESTRY! V. 5. Throughout the Old Testament women of God were recognized as living a life of purity, and having a submissive heart toward God and their husbands. Those two characteristics always seemed to be associated with godly women as their hallmark of lasting beauty. Sarah is chosen from among many OT women of God as an example of what a godly wife looks like in everyday living. Her allegiance to Almighty God was demonstrated in her allegiance to Abraham. In salvation God takes that ancestry to a higher level as all women who are true Christians are heirs, and coheirs, with Christ because they are his sisters.
  3. A GODLY WIFE’S ASSURANCE! V. 6. Nowhere I know of does God ever accept a ho-hum, so what, or flippant attitude toward all things God. In verse 6 Peter makes an interesting statement when he tells women do not fear anything that is frightening. We might make that same statement this way – “attention godly wives don’t be terrorized or intimidated by anything your husband might say or do!” Peter is encouraging women to be so dedicated – so in love with – so submissive to the Lord that nothing can shake her lose from her Savior’s divine power and protection over her. The point is ladies, God has given you a very powerful ministry to your husbands. In due time God will reward you fully for your faithfulness to your Savior.

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