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Our All-Knowing God

Job 37:14-24

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can also download our service at Baptist-Christian at iTunes. This final speech from Elihu almost seems to prepare Job for God’s only recorded speech. Read chapters 38-41 when you can “be still” because those chapters will certainly help you “know God is God!” Wayne Grudem defines God’s omniscience by saying “God fully knows Himself and all things actual and possible in one simple and eternal act.” (Systematic Theology, p. 190) Grudem also provides a concise outline to help us understand this attribute of God.

    1. GOD KNOWS HIMSELF! Read 1 Cor. 2:10-12 then 1 John 1:5. “No darkness” means purity and no place where God doesn’t know Himself perfectly. Because this is true, 1- God will never double cross, contradict, or violate Himself, His Law, His Word, or His will! That is important to you and me because it also means 2- He will never do any of that stuff to you!! Therefore 3- God can always be trusted in every way.
    2. GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS ACTUAL! Read 2 Chron. 16:9; Job 28:24, Mt. 10:28-30. God sees all things that exist and all that happens. Isa. 42:8, 9 and 46:8-11 tell us God knows the future as well as He knows the past. David tells us in Ps. 139:1, 2, 4 God knows our thoughts and actions before they come to pass. Mt. 6:8, 10:30 teach us God knows every little event and part of our lives. So what? All this teaches us the reason we need to “walk worthy of the vocation to which we are called.” The Privacy Act does not extend to God! He knows all about everything, and we can’t hide it from Him. Negatively God’s omniscience means we can’t get away with anything, no matter how deep in our hearts we hide it. On the positive side it means all we do secretly to grow in grace, help others, pray for, and do just between us and God is not lost. It is recorded in God’s annuls and we will receive God’s best for all those things. Another positive is all that’s happening, is happening at God’s bidding and under His complete control!
    3. GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS POSSIBLE! Read 1 Sam. 23:11-13 and Matt. 11:21-23. This is one of the most amazing truths about God! Perhaps this is one of those truths David said “is toowonderful for me, it’s high and I cannot attain it.” David might be saying “This is not just something I don’t get, I can’t get it, it is so high!” God knows every possible combination of every possible choice that could be made. Negatively that means for us, He has recorded every opportunity to learn, grow, minister, or repent we’ve ever had, and not acted! Positively it means He has recorded every opportunity to learn, grow, minister, or repent we’ve ever had, acted!” You get it, don’t you! Finally,
    4. GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING IN ONE SIMPLE ACT! Read Ps. 50:7-11 and Matt. 10:30. In other words God knows the sum total of everything without having to count, or stop and figure it out! He doesn’t have to stop and rethink, or recount, or remember what’s going on, because He always has a handle on all of everything! Just ponder that a while! All this means God can’t lead you in circles, on a fantasy trip, or cause you to mess up! You can put your life totally in His loving care and know He will work all things for your highest good!

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