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How Do We Know God Is Really There?

1 Peter 1:3-9

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can also download our service at Baptist-Christian at iTunes. At one time or another every Christian wrestles with the thought “is God really there?” For most the answer is an immediate “yes!” However, for the “carnal” Christian or the unbeliever, the answer is not so immediately certain! Scripture tells us we must always be ready to give an answer for the reason for the hope within us. In that light let’s consider


    1. THE EVIDENCE IN NATURE AND SCRIPTURE! Ps. 19; Job 38-41; and Romans 1 all declare God’s existence. In fact Scripture never attempts to prove God’s existence. It declares it in the first verse. The excruciating detail of all creation—from the infinite vastness of space to the subatomic particles—demands an intelligence that is beyond human description—not only to create it, but to orchestrate and maintain it with such unalterable and infallible accuracy. All of creation says to Man, ask, seek, knock until you find The One Who directs all this and you will discover He can also direct your own individual life. Such asking, seeking, and knocking will lead us to The Bible where God reveals Himself to us as a very Personal God! Then there is
    2. THE LAW OF HUMAN NATURE. I “borrowed” that from C. S. Lewis who, in his book Mere Christianity begins with the premise that all people everywhere have an inner sense of what is right and wrong. The question is, where did that sense come from? The answer is found in Scripture in Gen. 2:7 where we learn 1st God formed man rather than just call him into being. Then 2nd God breathed the breath of life into the man and 3rd he became a living soul. What God breathed into us was His own life which eternally connects us to Him. That inner sense of right and wrong is part of “God’s image” in which all people everywhere are created. Because that sense of right and wrong is undeniable, it leads us to
    3. OUR INNER SENSE OF GOD! Read Romans 1:18-32. Focus on verse 18-20. One of the most powerful forces of evil is the “suppression of the truth.” Even though Scripture is abundantly clear in it’s overwhelming proof that God is real, sin causes people to 1= think irrationally, and therefore, 2 deny God’s existence. Sin is so powerful it causes us to willfully suppress what we know to be true concerning God. When we suppress what we know to be true about God, the result is doubt about God! We begin to think He doesn’t care, and if He doesn’t care, perhaps He’s not even there at all! It is hard to reverse someone’s thinking about God’s existence in the midst of a culture and society where evil seems to rule! The very best, most effective proof that there is an Almighty God Who wants to be deeply involved in every human being’s life, is the true Christian who is completely submitted to God’s unchallenged leadership in every part of their daily life. The evidence of His existence and involvement is clear to that individual. The even greater truth is that through such a life given to God, God reaches beyond that life to all those around it and proves physically, visibly that God is and that He is near. So what is your life telling others about God’s reality?

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