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Is This Really The End?

Matt. 24:1-13

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can also download our service at Baptist-Christian at iTunes. The Mayans were wrong and we are still here. Now we are just a few hours away from the fiscal cliff! Will falling off the cliff cause the US financial system to collapse on itself, thereby destroying our economy? Is America to become another Greece? Will there be a decision at the 11th hour to save us from fiscal failure? Or will what is America today, wake up tomorrow as China’s eastern annex?  Is America really under God’s judgment for all her sin? Let’s consider that question from something King David said. Read Psalm 1:1. One could consider us to be in the mocker’s seat!


    1. THE DEFINITION OF MOCKING! In Prov. 21:24 God uses four words to define mocking: “proud and arrogant” meaning profoundly arrogant; and “arrogant pride” meaning pride without bounds.” What does God think of such profoundly arrogant pride? Read Prov. 24:9, then 19:25, 29. Those who mock God are ultimately destined for hell because they will ignore God one second too long! Those who call themselves Christians and mock God, will suffer great loss at the BEMA! II Now consider
    2. THE DISTRACTION CAUSED BY MOCKING! Read 1 Kings. 3:1-15, then 4:29-34. For about the first 435 years Joshua, Saul (to some extent) and David obeyed God and His Laws. As a result God established Israel as an uncontested world power. King Solomon started right, but after reading 1Kings 10:23-25 and 11:1-10 we see He became distracted by all God did for him. His success went to his head and lead to
    3. THE DISTORTION CAUSED BY MOCKING. Read Romans 1. Like so many great leaders Solomon believed himself to be untouchable by God judgment because of his success. In spite of all he did, his sinful pursuits distorted his spiritual purity. The evil that was to be avoided became acceptable and allowable! The only conclusion can be
    4. THE DESTRUCTION RESULTING FROM MOCKING! Read 1Kings 11:11-13. It took only 5-20 years after Solomon for the mightiest nation on earth to split! Since then Israel has never been a world power. Leap forward 3,000 years and America is following Israel’s example(?) We started out as a nation established on Biblical principles and God blessed America. But, although her people knew God, they did not glorify Him, nor thank Him, so He gave us up to the sinful desires of our heart. Sexual impurity, immorality, adultery, and degrading of our bodies became a way of life. Since we exchanged the truth of God for a lie and are now worshipping the creature more than the Creator, God has given us up to a reprobate mind, which is a mind that thinks it is okay to live in sin. So is all this the end? Perhaps it is the end of “a-once-great-America” an uncontested world power, world leader; but it is nowhere near the end of the world. The woes that warn of the end of the world haven’t even started. What we are seeing are the effects of sin and sinfulness on a dying and decaying universe. Read Rev. 3:11-13. As Christians we must continue to fight our dreadful enemy Satan, until the day we die or Christ comes to take us out of this world. If we can help you answer your spiritual questions, call us at(574) 643-9419.

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