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A Portrait of the Blood (Part 2)

Lev. 17:11 and Mark 14:22-26

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can also download our service at Baptist-Christian at itunes. Last month we began a look at some of the doctrinal truths concerning the shed blood of Christ. Thank you to Pastor Jerry Shirley for the outline. Last month we saw how the blood is perfect, pure, perpetual, and powerful. Now let’s consider 

    1. IN ACQUITTAL – THE BLOOD IS PERMANENT! In Scripture acquittal means “to clear, to clean, to hold guiltless or innocent.” In its simplest form it means “exchange.” When we are redeemed God exchanges our unrighteousness for Christ’s righteousness. It is part of the doctrine of justification. Paul explains it in Rom. 3:21-5:21. This exchange is also explained as “imputation” which means God declares a believer righteous before Him. The righteousness God uses is the righteousness of Christ through His death on the Cross. The point here is not all the theology, but the fact that God loves us so much He was willing to put all our sinful guilt and unrighteousness on Christ at His death. Then He took all the perfect, sinless righteousness of His Son and put it on us, so we could be acceptable in His sight. If you just stop and think about that, if you are a true, adopted child of God, it will amaze you to think about the great thing God has done. All this “keeps us saved” because Christ is the Eternal God of Heaven and Earth. To suggest we can lose our salvation is blasphemy against the eternality of God.
    2. IN APPRAISAL – THE BLOOD IS PRECIOUS. The rarer anything is, the more value it has. Stop and consider that there is only one Son of God for all eternity. How valuable is that? His is the ONLY perfect blood to be freely given in atonement for the sin of people. Add that to the valuable list. His death for all sin for all time happened only ONCE in all eternity. In short, there is no more precious commodity known to Mankind than the shed blood of Christ. God paid the highest price ever for the adoption rights to us as His children. What, in all creation, can be worth more than that? If you are an adopted child of God, do you see how precious you are because of the price paid for you? There is no more precious thing than the blood of Christ.
    3. IN AGGRESSION – THE BLOOD IS PROTECTIVE! If you wanted to use Scripture to demonstrate the protective power of blood, what part would you use? How about the Passover recorded in Exodus 12? When we as Christ, our Passover Lamb, to save us, He sheds His blood on the doorposts of our hearts to protect us from eternal spiritual death. Do you know what color the Bible paints sin? Read Isaiah 1:18. Think that’s a coincidence? Not a chance!!! The crimson blood of Christ covers our crimson sin washing it white as snow! We are forever clothed in the protective righteousness of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Lev. 17:11 tells us the life of the creature is in the blood and God has given it to us to atone for our sins at the altar. The perfect, pure, perpetual, powerful, permanent and precious blood of Christ secures our eternal presence in God’s heaven for us!

What a picture! If we can help you with your spiritual questions, call us at (574) 643-9419.

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