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Prayer, Progress and Partnership

Neh. 4 and Eph. 4:1-16

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can also download our service at Baptist-Christian at iTunes. Nehemiah is an amazing account of spiritual rebirth and rebuilding. It is also a wonderful account of the sovereignty of God superintending the lives of His people. How did slaves accomplish such an overwhelming task that had been considered impossible for decades? Let’s focus on Nehemiah’s 

    1. LEADERSHIP WITH VISION! He certainly saw the desecrated wall and the discouraged people facing the daunting task of rebuilding. He saw reality, but Nehemiah saw something others didn’t! He saw what could be! What gave Nehemiah X-ray vision? He walked daily with God. His life was characterized by prayer, devotion, study of the Word, and personal quiet time before God! In response to Nehemiah’s devotion to God, God gave Nehemiah a great vision that could restore Israel’s dignity that had been lost in captivity. Every Christian husband ought to be a family leader with vision. He ought to see his wife as a Prov. 31 woman who is priceless. Every Christian father ought to have the vision to see his children and grandchildren as mighty men and women of God, and raise them to be such. We need not get caught up in the rubble, because there will always be rubble to distract us and hide the truth! Every Christian wife ought to see their husband as a mighty man of God or at least, with the potential to become one. She must pray every day for her husband and with her children, teaching them to pray for their dad! Nehemiah was a man of God in his private life as a servant of the king. Nehemiah saw his service to the king as a ministry given to him by God. Nehemiah freely chose to serve with all his heart. In response God gave him the desire of his heart – to rebuild the wall. In order to be a leader for God, a person must first be a follower of God! Then note Nehemiah’s
    2. LEADERSHIP WITH VALOR! In Scripture “valor” means might, strength, power, virtuous, and able. In the 244 times it is used most of them refer to God. Nehemiah is a man of valor because he was virtuous, strong,  and powerful in his character. Notice how Nehemiah’s godly character guided him as he took action to help his people. First, when he was confronted with opposition, he directed the people to God, (see 4:3, 4) not himself. He didn’t let his “hero” status go to his head. Second, Nehemiah established defense at the weakest points in the wall (v. 13). He knew where the people were most vulnerable, so he “beefed” up their defenses at the weak points. You see the lesson here, don’t you!  Third, Nehemiah reminded and encouraged the people to let God do the fighting with the enemy (v. 14). The point is that God’s people are to stay focused on those “good works God has planned in advance for us to do.” When we focus on who is after us, we have taken our eyes off God and His ministry for us. God’s work must go on to completion and it requires our deepest concentration. Let us all be leaders with vision and leaders of valor as we daily serve the Lord.

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