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Turning A Dream Into Reality

Nehemiah 2:11-20

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can also download our service at Baptist-Christian at iTunes. Everyone has had a dream of doing something big at one time or another. Unfortunately dreams fail to become reality for a variety of reasons. Nehemiah’s dream was, by any standard, extremely gigantic! It would have been easy for someone to steal it from him. He could have talked himself out of it just because it was so huge! Have you ever had your dream stolen; or worse yet, talked yourself out of a dream? If you could have it back, would you take it, or have you been convinced to “settle for less” than God has planned for you? Let’s see why Nehemiah’s dream became reality.

    1. GOD GAVE NEHEMIAH THE DREAM! (v. 12) The only starting point for success at any level is God! It is wrong to think the only possible “dream choices” from God must be pastor or missionary. Eph. 2:20 tells us God has prepared good works for us – and since God has prepared them – they are good! God was able to bless Nehemiah with such a big dream because Nehemiah understood two non-negotiable principles: 1= a person’s allegiance must always be to God. Read Lev. 20:7; 2 Sam. 22:21-25; Eccl. 12:13; Eph. 1:4 as examples. 2= a person’s daily life must show their allegiance is to God. The entire book of 1 John (and others) teaches that. Nehemiah met both requirements.
    2. NEHEMIAH TOOK APPROPRIATE ACTION! (V. 11) Most Christians lose all possibility of seeing their dreams become reality because they: 1= never go to Jerusalem. Laziness and apathy are two of Satan’s most effective tools. Christians can dream all day about what they want/could do for the Lord, but until they actually get up and DO something, those great things won’t happen in their lives. Maybe it’s time you went to Jerusalem! Do you need to get up and DO whatever you know God is calling you to do?
    3. NEHEMIAH MADE AN INVESTIGATION! (V. 12-15) One of the first truths about Nehemiah’s investigation is that it was personal! He wasn’t going to let rumors/gossip or false info lead him astray! He personally examined the condition of the walls. The point? You, not someone else, should dig into Scripture personally so God can show you personally what and how He is going to work in and through you to develop you into His workmanship. The second truth about Nehemiah’s investigation reveals it was secret. Not that Nehemiah thought he was doing something wrong, but he understood there were “dream-stealers” who would instantly begin to oppose him. He wasn’t going to have any of that! Third, Nehemiah’s investigation was thorough! He established a plan based on what his investigation revealed. Most Christians never give God the opportunity to show them how He plans to lead them to their dream. How about you? Do you trust God enough to let Him lead you to accomplish those good works He has planned in advance for you to do?

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