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What Makes Revival Necessary? (Part 1)

Nehemiah 8:1-12

We invite you to worship with us each Sunday morning at 9:30. Nehemiah is a dynamic book that teaches us many lessons about individual and corporate life as Christians. The real message of the book goes deep into the motives and intents of the heart. In our society now, the word revival stirs up negative feelings and thoughts. Many people think of long nightly services with hell-fire and brimstone preaching followed by emotional invitations until someone makes a decision. True Biblical revival is none of that! True Biblical revival actually begins in the hearts of individuals who are true Christians, then carries over into the corporate body. The word revival means “to bring back to life.” Nehemiah did not lead the people back to Jerusalem just to rebuild the walls. He led them back to worship and serve God, and to evangelize the people. As we consider the current “state of the Church” in America today, what makes revival necessary?

  1. THE TRUE ART OF WORSHIP DOES NOT FILL OUR SANCTUARIES! Ask yourself, “what is the true motivation of my heart to attend Sunday morning service?” The real answers go from a deep, heart desire to meet with Almighty God in true spiritual worship – to nothing more than “appearances”. Today we don’t worship because we don’t see God as YAHWEH – God! Read Ps. 18:7-15. Is that the God you wake to serve every day? Or is God nothing more than the Big Guy upstairs, your Bud, Mr. Fix-it when crisis strikes? Dear Reader, when the curtain tore the only thing that changed was unlimited access to God. Nowhere does Scripture ever teach that God’s holiness, awesome power, the fear of God went away! As the redeemed of the Lord His Holy Majesty and Awesomeness ought to be magnified infinitely in our hearts. We ought to be on our knees begging God to put the fear of Him deep into our hearts so we have a desire to worship Him as Almighty God! When that happens, worship will fill the sanctuary. Another reason we need revival is
  2. THE TRUE EXCITEMENT OF WORSHIP IS GONE! Because there is such a widespread loss of the fear of God, there is also a loss of the true excitement of worship. One pastor said, “there is a pervasive dullness of religiosity.” Said another way it means we just go through the motions. When I speak of excitement I don’t mean 45-50 minutes of 7-11 choruses, jumping up and down with praise teams, bands, then tack on a 20 minute devotion and call it church! That’s entertainment, not worship! Does worship have to be dull and boring – absolutely not! Our excitement should come from meeting the Living God of Creation as His redeemed children! We ought to come before Him remembering where we were when He called us and where we are because of His sacrifice, His love, His work on Calvary! It’s all about Him, not me!! Try this; when you go into your sanctuary next Sunday visit until the prelude starts then sit down and bow your head beginning to pray. Ask God to meet with you personally and speak to you through His Word. Submit yourself to Him expecting Him to change you. Focus solely on God and expressing adoration, praise, awe, yes even fear, and an attentive heart. Do that for the next month and see if a different kind of excitement doesn’t begin to fill your heart for worship.

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