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Following A Star, Finding A Shack

Matt. 2:1-12

We invite you to worship with us on Sunday mornings at 9:30. I came across this outline and thought it was very appropriate as a concluding message for this year. Thank you to the author for the freedom to use the outline incorporating my own thoughts as well. It is sad that because of the emphasis on a Christ-less Christmas most people end the year with increased depression, loneliness, and even suicide. Even sadder is the truth that some of those victims claim to be Christians. The wise men could have certainly allowed all those maladies to ruin their trek to Jerusalem to see King Jesus. What they expected (all the trappings of royalty) and what they encountered were certainly very different! It would seem that life had certainly dealt them a cruel blow. Everyone has felt that way at one time or another, haven’t we! Let’s let these wise men teach us some life lessons.

  1. WISE MEN RECOGNIZE GOD IN THE SHACKS OF LIFE! 1st = what they found was not what they expected. These wise men didn’t let the circumstances distract them from their purpose, which was to worship The King. The very uniqueness of royal birth in a stable and the leading of the start pointed to Divine guidance! So Christian, don’t let the disappointments of life distract you from worshiping the Lord. Worship is not just an act during a service a few times a week. Worship is, for the Christian, a way of life 24—7—365. 2nd = When life shatters your dreams first seek the Lord. Unfortunately our first reaction is to blame the Lord for our adversity. It’s shameful that we all are always so positive and up-beat outwardly, but inwardly we often harbor negative feelings and thoughts of how God has cast us into the shacks of life. When life shatters your dreams, find the Lord and thank Him that you belong to Him and are under His protection. 3rd = When your star leads you to a shack know that God is doing at least one of three things; He is correcting you as explained in Heb. 12:4-7; Rev. 3:19. God never corrects us in anger or vengeance, but in love, compassion, patience, grace and mercy. God may be instructing you to show you Himself in some new and exciting way. Study John 4, 6; and Romans 8:28. God may be molding you into Christ’s perfect image. He needs a vessel he can use and has chosen you to be that vessel!
  2. WISE MEN RENDER GIFTS IN THE SHACKS OF LIFE! It would have been easy for these men to just pack up and go home, like so many do today! Who would blame them, after all this wasn’t what they expected. Notice however that they came to worship, and worship they did. They also gave gifts appropriate for a King. Learn also that when you are led to a shack – it’s time to give. Often when people find themselves in a shack stop giving – especially from a spiritual perspective, because all they see is their own poverty. If we keep our eyes on Christ, we will discover that God will give us far more than we give! HE just has more to give and wants us to have “all!!”
  3. WISE MEN RECEIVED GRACE IN THE SHACKS OF LIFE! God provides saving grace that establishes a personal relationship with Him. In that relationship He also provides sustaining grace that is sufficient and powerful to see us through all of life. When we find ourselves in the shacks of life we can always expect God’s leadership and guidance to show us the way. How about you? Are you ready to let God be God to you in the shack where you are now? He’s waiting!

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