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A Need Already Met

Exodus 36:1-5

You are invited to join us each Sunday morning at 9:30 for worship. This week’s focal passage teaches us about God’s provision for His people. Chapter 36 continues the narrative history of worship. God has brought Israel to the place where they are to build the Tabernacle. God gave them complete instructions and provided to people every skill necessary to build it. From this passage we learn three more truths about God.

  1. EVERY SKILLED PERSON WAS TO WORK! vs. 1. God is omniscient – meaning He is all knowing. David tells us that in Ps. 147:5. Because God is omniscient, He knows the end from the beginning – Isa. 46:10. Since God always knows all of everything, He knows what all will be needed to carry out his perfect plans and purposes; therefore, He always provides all that is necessary to carry out His will. Look back at Ex. 35;30-35 where we are told every skill needed to build the Tabernacle was given and taught. In 35:31 we learn God’s Holy Spirit gave those skills and teachings. This is all so important because God never does anything that’s folly or unnecessary or wasted. God knew building the Tabernacle would be monumental for Israel, so He made sure everyone knew all of what they needed to do their part of the job. Now read Eph. 4:1-6 and 14-16. Notice how an Omniscient God uses the same plan to build His New Testament Church as He used to build the Tabernacle! The point is that God gives every believer ability (a gift) and a reason to use it in the Body of Christ. This includes YOU, Christian! You are a vital part of God’s plan for His Church and you have been skilled to work for Him. Now notice
  2. ONLY THOSE WHO CAME TO WORK RECEIVED! Vs. 2-3a. Notice how God gave everyone a skill, then He gave them an opportunity to use the skill. Notice what comes next! God allowed them to exercise their free will! Although He gave them each a skill of His choosing, He didn’t force anyone to use it. Why? Forced labor is slavery, and God had delivered them from slavery. Notice also that only those who came received what was given. Now, as then, God does not frivolously throw His heavenly gifts to people like candy being thrown in a parade. Only those who see the value of a gift from God receive the benefits of that gift. So how do you see your salvation? Are you receiving the great benefits of it or are you wondering why it is static? Check out your heart’s attitude toward your gift and toward doing service from your heart, for the Lord! Notice finally,
  3. GOD DOES NOT WASTE HIS RESOURCES! Vs. 3b-7. It was the workers who went to Moses to tell him there was enough. Then Moses told the people to stop bringing offerings. Think back a moment – do you think when the Egyptians were giving all this stuff to Israel as they left Egypt, the Israelites thought “what are we going to do with all this. Is there even a Mall where we are going so we can trade this stuff?” The point is that God knew what was in their future and why they would need the things He provided. So it is with us. God knows what’s in our future and He is providing all you need to do all He will ask. You may not understand it all now, so wait patiently and develop all God asks you too, because He will call on you to use His gift to you in service to Him.

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