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The Source of God’s Mighty Power

John 17:9-24

You are invited to join us for our worship service at 9:30 on Sunday morning. We are continuing our study of the command in Eph. 6:10 to “be strong in the Lord and His mighty power.” Have you ever thought how many times God tells Christians to be something? I think someone once said there are more than 20 “Be” verses in the NT alone. In some ways it is a reminder of how detail oriented God is concerning our lives. Do you ever think, if God is the Source of all power, how come He seems to share so little of it with me? Or, why is it I seem to have such a hard time “being” what God wants me to be? Or do you think, I try, I work really hard on being, but it seems the harder I work the less I do, or learn, or accomplish? Even though I want to be strong – I want to be what God wants me to be – but somehow I’m not seeing it work for me like it seems to for others. Any of that sound like you? Jesus prays for the success of all “those who the Father gives Him.” The key is for us to put our emphasis on the right thing. Notice first

    1. JESUS’ REQUEST TO THE FATHER. Read John 17:9-12. Here is the biblical record of the Lord’s Prayer. The prayer mistakenly called the Lord’s prayer in Matt. 6 is really a model for prayer Jesus provided for all His disciples. The first key to a life that “works” is a life characterized by prayer. I don’t mean a quick, memorized prayer at mealtime or a plea for help in a crisis. A life characterized by prayer is a life that begins, thrives all day, and ends in sincere prayer from your heart to God’s. It’s the kind of life Jesus demonstrated while He was on earth. In my study and prep for this message I discovered one writer’s outline that revealed five truths about the mighty power of God in a Christian’s life.
    ONE, it is exclusive. (17:9). God’s power isn’t arbitrarily given to everyone who says they believe in God, or even says they are a Christian. God’s power is an exclusive reward to those who are genuine children of God. Those whose salvation had caused dramatic, radical change in their daily life from the heart outward.
    TWO, it is protective (11, 15). Notice that the protection is provided by the power of the Name! The power of the name provides the protection from evil. Jesus isn’t praying that Christians memory of sin be erased making us puppets. Jesus is asking God The Father to keep us from the dominion of sin so we don’t perish.
    THREE, Jesus prays that our joy will be full and complete (13). Jesus didn’t pray for happiness, He prayed for joy. Joy is in a person’s heart because they know they are right with God.
    FOUR, Jesus prays for our purity and sanctification (17). All anyone has to do is read this verse to see that sanctification comes from the Word of God. All we have to do is follow it and sanctification follows! In general your attitude toward your attitude  toward sanctification.
    FIVE, watch carefully reading verses 20-23. Some might say this is the focus of the prayer. Jesus prays that believers be united or made one with The Father. Read Romans 6 and see that Christians are placed in Christ, in God, and They are in us because of our salvation.
    1. THE FATHER’S RESPONSE TO HIS SON! Read Eph. 1:11-13 to see that God answered Christ’s requests in this prayer. God and God alone is the source of His mighty power and we must acquiesce to Him if we are to receive the benefits and experience the effect of His power in us.

If we can further help you understand this or answer any other spiritual question call us at (574) 643-9419.

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