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Be Strong

Eph. 6:10-18

We invite you to join us on Sunday morning at 9:30 for worship. We think you will be glad you did. Our current study focuses on being strong in the Lord. We learned we are at war with superhuman warlords whose only desire is to destroy our Christian testimony before a lost and dying world. This battle cry is to all Christians, but only God’s marines the few/the proud (to stand for Christ) will pay attention to it. We must understand exactly what “be strong” means in order to be strong!

    1. THE BASIC MEANING(S) OF POWER. In its simplest form be strong means “being able, or being capable of” as in Ps. 40:8. It can mean “one who is powerful, or has ability,” as in speaking of kings or prophets who have the power to carry out their duties; Power also means “to have great ability” as in Ex. 30:30-35. Power is used in referring to God as “One Who can do something because of their power, mite, or dominion.” There are many other forms of the root word, but these meanings form the foundation of most all words that deal with power of some sort throughout Scripture. Why is it important for Christians to be aware of these words? All these forms of the word power apply to us in some way or another. As Christians we are capable of desiring, or not desiring; we are the ones with great ability, we have power, dominion, and are made strong with power that increases through the process of spiritual growth. In that light we must ask ourselves, does our life show the lost, and God that  we live a life infused with that kind of power? If we have to answer “no” we are violating the command of Eph. 6:10.
    2. THE BIBLICAL MEASURE OF THE PRINCIPLE!. Notice that Paul says to “BE strong!” He telling Christians their state, or condition of existing is that of strength and power. Said another way a Christian is a person of power. Strength is who and what Christians are. Such a command dealing with our existence shouldn’t surprise us because we all teach our children “to be” from an early age. We teach them to be – masculine or feminine, polite, thankful, social, considerate and so on. What we teach our children to be is what they become, or who they are in character. Paul is teaching us that Christians are people who are characterized by their strength/power to be “Christ-like!”
    3. THE BIGGEST MISTAKES IN PRACTICE! Many, not all, but many who call themselves Christians view their salvation as nothing more than a ticket to heaven. The Bible is not their final authority in all matter of faith and living, because, it has been reduced to nothing more a collection of ancient fables written by people of questionable sanity. To many Christians it doesn’t matter what “religious” path you take to get to the top of the theological mountain and when you get their God is ready to let you into heaven just because you made the climb. Many more Christians today are MIA or POW’s being held captive by our enemy the Devil. Even though they say their hearts are washed in the blood, they have been brainwashed by the enemy to act like the world. To others Christianity means living in denial of the great doctrines of Scripture. Today Christianity means salvation without sanctification; redemption without repentance; outward happiness without inward holiness; pride and power without piety; honor without humility; success without surrender; responsibility without accountability, religion without righteousness. All this is a mockery to the Majesty and Mercy of the Almighty. Today many see salvation not as new life in Christ, but the old life demanding Christ’s blessings.  The biggest mistake of all is thinking that these things aren’t mistakes. How do you think?

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