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The Mother's Piece

1 Samuel 30:21-25

You are invited to worship with us each Sunday morning at 9:30. Come check us out! Our lesson this week focuses on Mom and the special ministry she has to her family. One might think I’m going to talk about war on Mother’s Day. Someone else might think “is he going to tell Mom to stay home with the kids while Dad goes to war?” I would like to use this passage to address some things godly moms have been doing for a long time. Notice

    1. A GODLY MOTHER IS STILL ONLY HUMAN! This whole situation began when David suffered temporary amnesia. See chapter 27:1-4. David got caught up in the immediate events of his life and took his eyes off God focusing on the storm around him. Sort of like Peter did when he got out of the boat! Today we might say he tried to hide among the lost so his loved ones wouldn’t hurt him anymore.  Is there a Christian mom anywhere who hasn’t felt the ones most bent on destroying her are her own family? Some- times even a godly husband can seem like the enemy. There are times when moms have thought the kids are intentionally plotting against her just to watch her snap! Notice that when David was greatly distressed he found His strength in the Lord! Read Ps. 18 as an example. In the pressure of our society for moms to be “supermoms” you should know it’s still okay to be human! God still takes a great interest in people and that would be YOU, Mom. Then,
    2. A GODLY MOTHER IS SENSITIVE TO OTHER’S HURTS. Read verses 9 and 10. The 600 men with David were “discontents” that David trained in the Green Berets and Special Forces of the day. The 200 that were left behind were just as much a part of David’s army as the 400 who went with him into battle. I wonder how many moms have thought they are working with an army of “discontents” in her family. Dads have a wonderful way of seeing what his children and grandchildren can be what he would like for them to be. Godly moms look through eyes that see individuals—then helps them focus on reaching their potential—and at the same time influence Dad to let the children be what they want to be. All of this seems to work with a reasonable amount of harmony because God gives mom X-ray eyes that see into hearts. Finally, notice
    3. A GODLY MOTHER STAYS WITH THE LUGGAGE! Read verses 18-25. David demonstrated the character that made him a man after God’s heart. He told the 400 who went to war they were part of one family of 600 and all would share equally. That’s where the “mother’s piece” comes in. The mother’s piece is the piece of pie that’s all messed up, or the broken cookie, or the piece of chicken that’s burnt, or the piece of cake that’s smaller and crushed. It’s the heel of the loaf of bread that no one wants or that corner piece of cake that gets slighted.  (Have you noticed that many people like to take their piece of cake from the middle of the cake pan?  What’s with that?)  A mother always makes sure the family gets its share before she takes hers. She is the one that stays home from that special once-in-a-life-time event because someone is sick, or hurt. She is the one who gets up at night to care for a sick child or husband; she eats the cold meal because she has fed a little one first while everyone else is eating. Do you know why she does all that? Because the mother’s piece is good enough for her! Just like those warriors that stayed back and guarded the luggage, Mom is there in the background ministering, nurturing, loving, caring for her family. Moms often do that not because someone tells them to, but because God gave them a heart that says “you first.” Thank God for such moms!! If we can help you with your spiritual questions call us at (574) 643-9419 and let us help you.

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