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Witnessing Exemplified

Luke 24:45-49 and Acts 1:8

We would be happy if you accepted our invitation to worship with us on Sunday mornings at 9:30. What’s more, we think you would be happy also. Two weeks ago we learned that witnessing in the OT meant “one who gives evidence that YHWH is God.” From a legal sense it means first hand evidence of verifiable facts; and from a religious sense it means “a way of life grounded in a relationship between people and God.” This week we are looking at how Christians witness as a result of their salvation relationship to God through Christ.

    1. THE MEANING OF NT WITNESS. In the NT witness becomes much more focused. It means our witness in the legal sense is “verifying facts as a result of personal experience.” In the religious sense the relationship becomes personal between individuals (not Nations) and God. A simple way to put the two together is “because I have experienced the personal blessings of salvation in my life and can attest to them, I want you to experience them also in your life.” The concept is “I know God rescues people from a life of emptiness because I am one He rescued, therefore, I want you to be rescued also.” Is that how you feel toward those in your life who haven’t yet personally experienced the salvation of God?
    2. THE MANDATE FOR A NT WITNESS. In the Luke passage Jesus takes witnessing to a whole new level. The disciples were eye-witnesses to verse 46. Therefore, they could give a truthful witness to those historically verifiable facts. Jesus tells them to wait until the Holy Spirit comes upon them so they can witness AS HE WANTS THEM TOO on the basis of faith. You notice that after Pentecost the Apostles were bold and unafraid in their witness because they were empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit. The wonderful thing about that is that it works exactly the same way for you and me today.
    3. THE MAGNITUDE. The magnitude of NT witnessing is even bigger than that of OT witnesses because today the consequences are eternal! As Christians we have no problem believing and knowing God is God and that He really does work in individual lives. That is huge because the lost don’t have that personal knowledge or faith. Neither do they want it as long as they are deceived that their dead works make them okay with God. To be a NT witness is so important because the whole point is “personal experience (salvation) is to result in personal evangelism (sharing)! The caution is this: to be an “example” witness, you must first be and “experience” witness. OR you can’t explain what you haven’t experienced. When someone says to a Christian, “You are different because you don’t do… or you don’t …(whatever)” the “you shall be MY witnesses” part of Acts 1:8 has kicked in and you are giving verifiable proof of God working in your life. You have proved something good is happening to you. You are now in a position to testify/witness/speak in favor of God as a Person Who desires a personal relationship with people. You can now say to that person, “I can testify to the truth that God’s salvation actually works in people because it worked in me, and you have seen the evidence.” WATCH! God has now opened the door for you to say, “would you like to personally experience the presence and power of God’s grace, mercy, and love in your life?” Now, Dear Christian Reader do you see why a proper life according to God’s Law is so important?

If you have questions about your personal relationship to God, or any other spiritual matter, call us at (574) 643-9419.

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