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Four Cups of Calvary

Matt. 26:36-46

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country 103.7 FM just after 8am. On this day when we will come to the Lord’s Table to remember that our spiritual freedom in Christ wasn’t free, I am going to share with you 4 different “cups” from which Christ drank before He released His spirit into His Father’s hands. Our focal passage tells us Jesus prayed in an attitude of sorrow and trouble that no other human being has, or will, ever experience. We cannot possibly know extent of that sorrow and trouble that even now began to fill His holy heart! In John 18:1-11 we see the 1st cup Jesus drank even before the nails were driven was

  1. THE CUP OF MISCONDUCT! From a Biblical perspective misconduct can be defined as people trying to do God’s work in their own way. This is one of those times when Peter wasn’t acting in rebellion to God, and thinking he knew best! He was acting (albeit without thinking, and on impulse) to defend Jesus! His actions tell us he could have been thinking he was the one who had to save Jesus! This idea of misconduct can be seen in 3 of the 4 Gospels. Each one presents a different, but pointed picture of the rebuke. Here John reveals purpose indicating that bloodshed is not Jesus’ mission; Matt. reveals power in the truth that Jesus has sovereign control; and Luke reveals purpose showing us that Jesus has to correct our blunders. So be careful how you get on Peter for this act of blundering impulsiveness until you are sure you are not guilty of the same blundering impulsiveness in your own life. The next cup Jesus drank was:
  2. THE CUP OF MISREPRESENTATION – Mark 15:21-23. One was the misrepresentation of compassion for Him as they compelled Simon to carry His cross. The only compassion the Roman soldiers had was for making a person suffer as much pain as possible in crucifixion! They compelled Simon to carry His cross so He wouldn’t die before they crucified Him. Another misrepresentation was that of concern. The drink they offered Him would somewhat anesthetize Him, making the pain of being nailed to the cross less severe. Jesus knew there would be no relief from the pain. He also knew He must not be impaired in His mind, so He could focus fully on His work at hand. Question: what misrepresentation of the world are you buying? What fake anesthetic is the world offering you to distract you from the full importance of your work for Christ? Are you being deceived into thinking the world’s way is easier than God’s way? Next Jesus drank:
  3. THE CUP OF MOCKERY! Luke 23:35-39. Notice how Jesus was mocked by every level of the society He came to redeem. He was also mocked on every level of His own life. He was mocked first in His position. The soldiers also mocked His Person. If He really was the Son of God how could He save others and not save Himself. If He really was God how come He was nailed to a Cross? Jesus was also mocked as to His power. He saved others, let Him save Himself. Finally, Jesus drank:
  4. THE CUP OF MERCY! John 19:28-30. Look at the clear display of divine power and determination to carry out, to the fullest, the will of God The Father. See it in v. 28 in the phrase, “Jesus, knowing that all was now finished…” Albeit subtle, the message of truth that this Man Jesus, is fully God is revealed here. Only God would know when all His wrath, hatred, and punishment for all of the sin of all humanity was finished! The real cup of mercy was not put on a hyssop branch and lifted up that day, the real cup of mercy was poured out from heaven because of a Savior Who hung in your place. The cup of misconduct reminds us to let Jesus be our influence and let Him do battel on His terms; the cup of misrepresentation reminds us not to be deceived by the fake allurements of the ungodly world around us; the cup of mockery reminds us to stand fast in our salvation, because one day we will be rewarded for our faithfulness; the cup of mercy reminds us that even though none of us deserve s redemption, God love us so much He could not stand idly by and watch us perish without offering us a way of salvation.

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The Behavior of Belief

Romans 2:25-29

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country 103.7 FM just after 8am. Last time Paul told the Jews, God is way more interested in obedience to the law, from the heart, than He is interested in us just knowing the Law and what it teaches. Just knowing the law without living it from one’s heart in daily life, is what James refers to as faith without works, and that kind of faith is dead, or not really faith at all! Let’s take a closer look at how The Holy Spirit inspired Paul to show is the truth revealed in the behavior of belief! 1st notice

  1. THE CONSISTENCY OF OUR BEHAVIOR – V. 25. As you know circumcision was the sign of the covenant God made with Abraham. You can read it in Gen. 17:1-14. God takes all His covenants seriously. This one was so serious to Him, He told Abe that any male who wasn’t circumcised was to be cut off from his people because that man had broken the covenant. So when Paul talks about circumcision becoming uncircumcision, it is in effect a death notice, because being cut off from God is death! To help us keep this closer to home and more in line with the way we think today, in place of the word “circumcision” use the words “salvation, and baptism.” Paul says the “value” of the covenant is in obedience! If people, saved or unsaved, read The Bible then watch you as you go about every day being you, is what they see in your behavior, consistent with what they read in Scripture? In our study, perhaps to make it easier to understand our adoption into God’s family, instead of using circumcision, let’s use salvation and baptism. It is discovered in:
  2. THE CONSIDERATION OF OUR BEHAVIOR! 26. Here is an example of how a verse within a passage helps make the meaning of, not just the passage, but the whole concept of consistency in daily living so important. Paul’s point is that people who have no ties or background with – in this case – Judaism, or in our case, with Christianity, obey the requirements of the written Law of God, they would be thought of as Jews, or in our case, Christians because their lives were considered more Godly than those who claim to be saved, but don’t live like it. One author says, “It is one’s actions, not one’s physical features, that count. In the final analysis conduct prevails over doctrine. One Biblical commentator defines doctrine as “The body of teachings of the Christian faith concerning its central beliefs. Doctrine is grounded in Scripture and aims to maintain the integrity of Christianity by distinguishing it from non-Christian beliefs. Doctrine is of central importance in Christian preaching and teaching in that it equips the people of God for effective and faithful service in His world.” Paul doesn’t stop there, he continues with
  3. THE CONDEMNATION OF OUR BEHAVIOR – V. 27. This is perhaps one of the most pointed statements Paul makes. Paul’s point here is rituals, memberships, and any other outward signs do not make a person who calls themselves a Jew, a Jew. Neither do baptism, communion, memberships and any other outward signs do not make a person who calls themselves a Christian, a Christian. The condemnation of our behavior is realized when people use these outward signs to say “because I do these things, or show these outward signs in my life, I am a true Jew or a true Christian. The condemnation of our behavior leads to a wrong interpretation of:
  4. THE CONCEPT OF OUR BEHAVIOR – V. 28. Paul summarizes now what it really means to be a Jew. We can apply the same truth to us as Gentiles who are Christians. Scripture is teaching that one is not a true Jew, nor a true Christian, just because a person boasts of outward signs, or even birthright! One cannot say because they are born into the Jewish community they are a true Jew according to Scripture. Equally true, one cannot say, “because my parents were Christians, I am also a Christian.” Here is why such unrighteous thinking is so dangerous to the community. Paul ends the paragraph with the truth in:
  5. THE COMPARISON OF OUR BEHAVIOR –V. 29, which is self-explanatory. Anyone who has a real understanding of what it means to be a real Jew, or a real Christian knows it is in the heart of the person. When a person comes to Scripture and reads it, The Holy Spirit immediately begins to work in the heart of the person prompting them to repent of their sin, by turning to Christ for salvation from their heart! Praise Him for His great work in our hearts, and we thank Him for His love to us!

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The Truth is in the Heart

Rom. 2:17-24

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country 103.7 FM just after 8am. This section of Romans is perhaps more dynamic, pointed, and aimed straight at Jewish hearts, than any other letter Paul wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He is at a point where he is telling the Jews in no uncertain terms they are as guilty of failure, fraud, and falsehoods before God as any nation can be. One might say in this message Paul is taking no prisoners! We need more preaching like this in our pulpits in America, and the world, today. Here Paul calls sin by the name God gives it – SIN! Notice 1st

  1. THE FAVOR TO THE JEWS, 17-20. Paul lists 11 ways God’s favor has been shown to the Jews. Anyone who has spent enough time in Bible study to get to Gen. 12 can figure out the Jewish nation is a nation created by God. As one continues to study the OT they learn God created and chose Israel/The Jews, to be His own chosen nation for all eternity. Is Israel a privileged nation among all nations? Absolutely! They were the ones to whom God gave His laws, decrees, precepts, and commands. The favor of God has been shown to them in that they have been taught how to correctly rely on God’s law and live under His blessing; they have been tutored (privately) with the best tutors (Moses, prophets, finally Jesus Himself) to live their daily lives in such a way they can experience the best God has to give. Now, notice how Paul addresses:
  2. THE FAILURE OF THE JEWS – 2:21-22. Here is a truth you should remember. One of the primary character traits of sin is greed! It shows itself in a person’s daily life as selfishness, arrogance, covetousness, jealously, envy, and slanderous speech! As greed is allowed to remain, even in the smallest inroads of a life, it grows. And as it grows it continually demands more and more because sin can never be satisfied! Watch! As sin grows it continually becomes more ruthless and destructive in its quest for satisfaction. OT history reveals that the more God blessed Israel, the more sinful and as a result, arrogant she became toward God. Israel’s failure was apparent in her fraudulence. Paul’s point here is that: IF you say all these things are really truth in your life, and if all these character qualities are really what you say you are, how come no one sees any evidence of them when they watch you? Watch how Paul so clearly reveals their failure because of:
  3. THE FRAUD OF THE JEWS! 2:23-24. Paul methodically lists 5 ways that the Pharisees and Sadducees should have been teaching the other Jews and the Gentiles what the life of a real man and woman of God should look like, are guilty of all the same atrocities they condemn others of doing! You remember Paul opened this chapter by telling the Jews they had no excuse for judging others because they themselves were just as guilty of doing everything they accused others of doing, and they were more accountable and responsible because they had received the truth from God Himself! Now in these verses, he is telling them “in what ways” they have defrauded their audiences, both nationally and universally! This is just one passage of Scripture that clearly points out why works of any kind, even keeping the letter of the law, and going through all the motions, which is what these so-called leaders did. The only thing these hypocrites did was to teach people how to disobey and disregard God and His Word. This section of Rom. 2 takes us deeper into the depraved heart of sinful Man and shows us the inner wickedness of sin that dwells deep within the heart of a person, and how desperately we need God’s grace demonstrated in justification. Go ask any one of the number of true men and women of God in this room right now, and you know who they are, and they will all tell you that at the point in their lives they finally gave the control of their life over to God, and let Him run it as He sees fit, they will tell you it was at that same moment life got better! Not perfect, just better, way better! The question is: Will your hard heart cause you to wait one second too long to get over yourself and let God relieve you of all that is keeping you from Him?

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Obedience Not Ownership

Rom. 2:12-16

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country 103.7 FM just after 8am. Having dealt with the truth that no person, Jew or Gentile has any excuse or escape that will justify them before God, Paul continues his thesis on the need for justification of all people. He is going to show now that the real meaning and intent of the Law is not that the Jews have and know the Law; but that because they have/know it, they are expected to obey it. Let’s let Paul continue to teach us our great need for God’s justification on our behalf. He continues with a:

  1. Comparison of Two Nations– 2:12, 13. First consider the Jews who were directed by the law, v. 1. From a Biblical viewpoint there have been only 2 nations, since sometime around 1,900 BC when God called Abram, telling him God would make of him a great nation. We all know that great nation was, and still is, the Jewish nation. Everyone who is not a Jew is a Gentile. There are gobs of different brands of Gentiles, but Gentiles nevertheless. In Rom. 2:12 Paul makes a very simple statement that explains how God sees all humanity. There are those under the law, and those who aren’t. Paul also mentions the Gentiles were devoid of God’s laws, therefore, He could not judge them using His laws as the standard for their judgment. God could only judge Gentiles on the basis of the understanding and knowledge of God they had received. Ultimately, all people everywhere will be judged by God’s laws, because His laws are the only laws that are perfect! Now Paul addresses a:
  2. Comparison of Two Natures– 13-16. Paul tells us in v. 13, Conformity Awards Righteousness. When reduced to the lowest common denominator, Paul is addressing the truth that the heart of a person is either dead in sin, or it is alive in Christ. If a person could expunge their guilt before God by simply reciting the Law, salvation would then be by works, not by grace. Paul also tells us a person’s Conduct Admits Recognition (of the law), v. 14. Paul quits preaching here and starts meddling! The charge of un-righteousness against the Jews is such that it eliminates all possible excuses for their disobedience to the Law. In general the unsaved don’t know what God’s law is or demands. Yet many unsaved live their lives without adultery, murder, and theft. In that respect they are “a law unto themselves,” or without knowing it, they are following some of what God’s law requires. Paul continues his indictment telling us a person’s: Conscience Acknowledges Reality. V. 15 16. A person’s conscience is an interesting thing. Perhaps the simplest definition of conscience is stated by one writer when he says conscience means: “I know, I am aware, I am clear about what I have done.” In v. 15 Paul is saying that even though the Gentiles were not given God’s Law as were the Jews, the Gentiles revealed they had an innate or inner awareness of right and wrong because, like the Jews, all people are created in God’s likeness and image. Sin first committed causes us to hide from God; but as we leave it unchecked, and allow its continued presence in our life, our conscience begins to tell us I know, I am aware, I am clear that I have sinned against God; but I am also aware that I have experienced no apparent negative repercussions or consequences for my sin, therefore I am in no danger. Notice there is no period at the end of v. 15, but the thought continues into 16. Paul is finishing his comment concerning the conscience of all people when he says, “you may think you are getting away with something now, but one day you will stand before God and He will judge your secrets! No person anywhere, at any time will ever be able to say to God, “I didn’t know!”

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There is Still No Excuse

Rom. 2:1-11

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country 103.7 FM just after 8am. Paul begins his letter to the Romans by explaining that all of mankind is guilty before God because Man chose to live in sin and ungodliness because Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He now turns his attention to the Jews and clearly shows that even though they are God’s chosen people and were commissioned by Him to take the Gospel to the world, they allowed their own unrighteousness to so hide the gospel message that God put them, in today’s lingo, “in time out.” Watch how ungodliness and unrighteousness have condemned even the Jews before God. As Paul continues his discourse on the need for justification, he widens his perspective by addressing:

  1. MAN’S DECEPTIVE CONDUCT 2:1-6. You will notice that chapter 2 begins with the word “therefore.” More often than not the word “therefore” is used to connect the information that was just given to the information that follows immediately. He starts by telling all people they have: A. No Excuse v. 1, 2. Paul told the Gentiles they had no excuse (1:20); now he tells the Jews they have no excuse in condemning others for breaking God’s laws, when they themselves are just as guilty of breaking those same laws. So Israel may be God’s people, but their national heritage and birthright is neither license nor excuse for their sin. One of the most revealing truths of the selfishness and self-centeredness of sin is that sin always sees more evil in others than in self. Not only do we have no excuse before God: we also have B. No Escape v. 3. Jesus teaches that on the Day of Judgment people will give account for every careless word. Paul tells us that each of us will give account! So does Peter. The truth that all will one day give account for what we have said and done in this life, is an absolute guarantee. The other part of that same guarantee is that judgment will also happen. Since God will be the Judge, the judgment will be as perfect, pure, right, just, unbiased and impartial as God! Our deceptive conduct and all our excuses will come back to bite us! Now watch how Paul continues by teaching that our deceptive conduct often results in:
  2. DESERVED COMPENSATION in v. 6-11. It is important that you keep judgment and reward separate. Judgment as it is used in the NT always refers to “penal justice or punishment.” In the section we are now studying, Paul is explaining that all people everywhere have broken God’s law and are therefore, subject to the punishment God established for breaking His law. As we know the punishment is eternity in hell. The word “reward” means “to repay according to an established standard.” In this case the “established standard” is God’s law. Paul is telling us here that both judgment and reward are grounded in God’s laws. Notice that Paul reveals 3 truths about the compensation or reward all people will receive: 1st it will be
    1. Individual compensation. V. 6= God will render to each one; v. 9 = …for every human being… No one is exempt from the consequences of their life, whether those consequences are good or bad. 2nd it will be an
    2. Itemized Compensation. V. 7-10. The reward for those who have chosen salvation is glory, honor, immortality, and peace. On the other hand, for all who disregard God’s gracious invitation to become one of His adopted children, God’s judgment will send them to hell for all eternity. Finally, the compensation will be:
    3. Impartial Compensation. V. 10, 11. Compensation will come first to the Jew, then to the Greeks/Gentiles. When all people stand before God in judgment whether the BEMA or White Throne, they will have neither excuse nor escape! God has no favorites, no prejudices, no influences, no allegiances, and no anything to anyone except Himself.

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Jesus’ Last Words from the Cross

John 19:28-30

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country 103.7 FM just after 8am. Last week we looked at the first 3 words Jesus spoke from the Cross. In all Christ utters 7 sayings, or words, or statements before He dies. Read Matt. 27:45-46, which is the 4th statement of Christ expressing the Anguish of the Savior. Listen to what Charles H. Spurgeon says concerning this statement of the Savior: “I do not think the records of time or even of eternity, contain a sentence more full of anguish. Here the wormwood and the gall, and all the other bitterness, are out done. Here you may look as into a vast abyss; and though you strain your eyes, and gaze till sight fails you, yet you perceive no bottom; it is measureless, unfathomable, – inconceivable. This anguish of the Savior on your behalf and mine is no more to be measured and weighed than the sin which needed it, or the love which endured it. We will adore where we cannot comprehend. I hope this subject will help the children of God understand a little of their infinite obligations to their redeeming Lord. You shall measure the height of His love, if it be ever measured, by the depth of His grief, if that can ever be known.” The anguish is compounded by the 5th statement from the Cross:

  1. THE AGONY OF THE SAVIOR. Read John 19:28. These 2 words remind us our Savior was fully human. “I thirst” takes us deep into the soul and heart of the Savior! Surely His physical thirst was real, but He thirsted to save people from eternal death, to pay our redemption price, to set us free from condemnation, to provide the justification for us to be adopted as His own! But this day our attention is not on His anguish or on His agony! Today is Resurrection Sunday! In only three words, “It is finished,” The Lord of Glory announces that the flaming sword has been taken away from the entrance of eternal life and all people now have a way to reenter Eden. Let’s focus on the:
  2. ACHIEVEMENT OF THE SAVIOR! Read John 19:30. Notice if you will the continuity of His life. Here Jesus tells us He has kept His focus on His mission among men. In all the words ever penned in any language “it is finished” are perhaps the most significant; and they are without a doubt the most loving words ever spoken by any human being. Let’s look at the
    1. Completeness of His statement. Our Savior gives us five truths that help us see how totally sufficient is the salvation of God. Notice 1st: The Implication of His statement. Look again at John 19:28-30. Do you see that Jesus tells us again that He is in full control of Himself even in His despicable condition? Stop and think for a moment how impossible it would be for any one man who is not God in the flesh to fulfill every type or picture, every prophecy, every promise in the OT; and to do it with such flawless perfection that every second of His life is accepted by God The Father as payment in full for all of every person’s sin! That implication naturally causes us to consider:
    2. The Impact of His statement. The perfection of the life of Christ also displays its power in the fact that in Him all the meanings and types found in the old Jewish system of sacrifice are now fulfilled, therefore, no longer necessary. Now let’s consider
    3. The Importance of His statement. We know Scripture teaches that no man can stand in front of God justified if He is not perfect in His obedience to The Father. Jesus is telling us He has done just that, therefore, His perfect obedience is finished and accepted. This brings us to the place where we can dwell for a moment on
    4. The Investment in His statement. The investment was made in our justification. In all Jesus did as a Man here among us, He paid every last penny of the debt wrought by sin. He made that investment with you in mind! And that brings us to
    5. The invitation of His statement. In His words, “It is finished” Jesus is telling us sin, death, Satan, and the grave have all been destroyed. All that would keep us from our heavenly Father is no longer able to bar the way! The invitation was opened and is still open to all who will accept it. Observe the achievement of the Savior not only reveals itself in continuity, and completeness, but also contentment. Go to Luke 23:44-46. All we need to do is see our Savior and follow His example by putting our spirits, souls, and even our bodies into His hands where they will be forever content! The empty tomb is God’s assurance to all Mankind that the anguish, and agony of humanity have been defeated in the achievement of Christ the Living Lord! If your heart is like that tomb this morning, empty and void of a Savior, I implore you to accept the invitation to come to Him right now and receive Him as your own Deliverer and Redeemer! Let Him fill your heart and life with the continuity, completeness, and contentment that come only through life in Christ. Come now because later may be eternally too late.

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Jesus’ First Three Words From the Cross

Luke 23:32-34

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30. You can download our service on iTunes or tune in for “The Good Word” each day on AM 1230 WSAL or on Hoosier Country 103.7 FM just after 8am. Today and next week we are going to look closely at those statements Jesus made from the Cross. It is impossible to know the torture of the Cross without experiencing it, but we can imagine by the sheer cruelty, and process of it, that it was horrifying to say the least. We cannot forget that Christ not only suffered all the torment of crucifixion itself, He also suffered all the wrath of God for all the sin of all the human race.

Notice first, His Prayer of Mediation. The remarkable truth of this prayer is not just that Jesus prayed for His enemies; but that He prayed for them while they were crucifying them. In the moments of your worst agony, does your heart retreat to God in prayer? How much suffering does it take to silence prayer in your heart? His prayer of mediation was a prayer of intercession. From the Cross to the Throne Jesus has never changed His prayer for the redemption of all people! Jesus’ intercessory prayer was a prayer of grace. Grace is God giving us something we don’t deserve. None of us deserves a second chance, or God’s blessing, or His salvation; but He freely gives those things to us. His prayer was a prayer of careful thoughtfulness. Jesus did not arbitrarily speak random, meaningless words. He looked deep into the souls of His enemies to find some point of need; then He prayed forgive them “for they do not know what they are doing.” He was doing what He taught us to do in praying for our enemies. It is necessary to note that Jesus prayer was also a prayer of earnestness. That should not surprise us, because Jesus told us to pray earnestly that God would send laborers for the harvest. Jesus prayed for your salvation with all the earnestness of God Himself! Here is a truth you should ponder; God is more concerned about your salvation than you are! How do I know that? First – He prayed for your forgiveness while He was being crucified! Second – He hung on the Cross, he stayed there, for you while God poured out on Him all the punishment you deserve for your sin!

Jesus not only prays a prayer of mediation while on the cross, we must also notice: His Promise of Salvation in Luke 23:42, 43. Here is a first truth of salvation: it is available to everyone! Jesus will never refuse to associate with anyone regardless of their social status, or any other status for that matter! We believe the Bible clearly teaches Jesus extends a universal invitation to all people to be saved. Notice also salvation was available immediately! This sinner was a man who just discovered/realized Who Jesus was! The only thing this man could ever do after His salvation was die! The thief did not hear Jesus tell His disciples “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except through me;” but he realized it, and asked Jesus to remember him that very day.

Finally, notice Christ’s: Provision in Adoration in John 19:25-27.The dying Savior teaches us, even in His own utter despair, comply with the Scriptures. We see Him look beyond His own situation and obey the 5th commandment by honoring His mother. Our response to The Lord’s provision in adoration is also revealed in our lives in the way we follow His instructions to care for His sheep. On this Palm Sunday as we look toward resurrection day next Sunday, it would not be out of place for us to focus on Christ’s prayer of mediation for us, as we think of His promise of salvation for all of us, and the provision He has made in His adoration for us.

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